April 22

I didn’t know what I was doing.
What was brewing.
Or what I was looking for.
But you’ve given me so much more.

I met you in that cafe across town,
And without a sound,
I recognized you.
After all these years, oh how much we both grew.
As far apart as we’ll get,
Our friendship will never split.

You sat me at your favorite spot,
And lunch, you bought.
In from the window, blew a breeze,
Setting me at ease.
The lighthouse we saw in the distance.
With no resistance,
We spent the whole night together. 
And as you hugged me goodnight, in my ear you whispered, “My Heather”

April 21

dear you
dear as in a caring, pet name.
And you as in need of no further explanation.

I see you,
All the time.
In my cereal,
And the music I listen to.
The words I write,
And clothes I wear.
Places I go,
And people I talk with.

It’s mot just silly every day things anymore.
It’s you telling me what you liked to buy best.
And what what lyrics meant to you.
It’s telling me when I wasn’t at my best,
Or outfit.
It’s the memories everything holds.

I made time for you.
Even when ain’t nobody got any.
And you made me feel…
Worth it.
Worth giving you my all,
And everything.

And you is no one person.
But it’s everyone.
And now.

And this was my attempt on a New York Style Poem…. If anyone is farmiliar with it, feedback would be greatly appreciated

April 20th

I had you for so long,
I can’t complain.

I got to sit on your lap,
And tell you about my day.
From the unfair amount of homework,
Or the free classes I had.
To the best friends,
Or current crush.

I got to learn from you.
How to be a host,
And all my baking skills.
You taught me to put on a smile,
Even in the mornings.
And to put my heart in,
Whatever it is I do.
And to love,
With all I have,
Or not at all.

I got to have hugs,
Anytime I needed them.
And shoulders to cry on.
And kisses on the cheek.
And someone to tell me,

April 16th

What if there was no time?
But life was measured in songs.
131,040 songs in a year
So 10,000,000 songs in a life time?

And there was no clocks,
You simply had to be somewhere in 5 songs.
And when you said goodbye,
You’d know you’d see that person in 180 songs.
But you’d sleep through much of them.

When you save memories,
You’d record it by what song played.
And the same song would be playing all over the world,
Because music is the language everyone speaks.

You’d hear happy songs,
When lots of people are getting married,
Or babies being born,
Or families are reunited with loved ones.
Sad ones would fill the air,
With the crash of airplanes,
War zones erupting,
and the loss of loved ones.

If your life,
Was measured in songs,
What would you hear?
Would there be enough to capture your life?
Would the lyrics be more than words?
Are you the one singing them?

April 15th

They always told me it was bad in there.
That is was dark and unknown.
That people, especially little boys, don’t dare enter.
But I did it anyways.

The whole world seemed to not want me.
And I ran until my stomach called for air.
Bending over, the forest lay ahead of me.
I knew I shouldn’t go in,
But I did it anyways.

I tear past green foliage,
And look around.
It doesn’t look scarey.
That’s when I step in something sticky.
My first instinct is to smell it.
It’s minty, incase you were wondering.
Against better judgements to taste it,
But I did it anyways. 

I suddenly see it in all colors ahead.
I’m digging into it,
And tasting the rainbow,
When a voice from behind me says,
“We come in pieces”
I turn to see a little man talking.
I shouldn’t have sticked around,
But I did it anyways.

I walked to shake his hand,
But one finger was all he shook.
He told me he wasn’t from around here,
But they had forests where he was from,
So he gave me a grand tour.
And even though Aliens don’t usually make great friends,
I did it anyways.

April 14th


It speaks louder than any word,
More touching then any lyrics,
More skillful then any athlete,
Or talented as any musician.

See its what you hold on to till the end.
It’s frail
Losing blood slowly. 
But the pulse is there.
You feel her squeeze back.
Knowing there’s life still.

It’s the thing you first hold on to,
Counting to see if there’s 5 there.
No defaults.
It’s important that they’re perfect,
They’re so tiny now,
But some day they’ll be big.

It’s a nudge of a first date,
Sweat growing between you two,
But not letting go.

It’s being picked up after you get a boo-boo,
And they embrace you in a hug,
And rub your back.

It’s when your best friend is crying,
And needs help through the hallways.

Because everything will be okay,
If you just keep holding on.

April 13th

Cousins are friends before we make any,
They’re kind of stuck with us that way.

But they’re also always there for you.
At your football games,
Karate practice,
Piano recitals.

They’re there to talk about boys,
Your crazy family,
And how you like your PB&J’S.

They take you out for icecream,
To the park,
And beach.

They’ll hit you with a bottle,
Pee the bed,
Constantly want to play,
And throw temper tantrums when you don’t.

But no matter how annoying they get,
You’re always stuck with them.